1st Skill Share Class is up now!

So I’ve gone and made a Skill Share Class. It’s called:

Writing for Slice of Life Comics: How to Make the Day-to-Day Funny

It was so much hard work, but now that it’s up I can hardly believe it! Who is that dashing yet awkward young lady on the screen? It couldn’t possibly be me, I’m neither that majestic nor capable of such production wizardry!

I give it about 3 weeks before I come to terms with what I’ve done XD

Go check it out by clicking this link and get 2 months of premium Skill Share Access for Free!: https://skl.sh/2XAHB2M


Happy Pride Month 2019

I drew myself in the outfit I wore to last year’s Kamloops Pride Parade, it was only our 2nd annual.

I’m wearing my super cool bird jacket that my husband hates, and rainbow hair elastics.

Everyone have a great Pride Month!❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖

Feelin’ Confident Again (posted quickly before I could change my mind)

After losing almost 50lbs over the last year I was pretty happy with the # on the scale but hadn’t paid to much attention to my body, other than that my clothes were baggy, and I had some new-found upper-arm flab.

As soo as I started wearing clothes that fit at my new size, a couple months ago, I got really freaked out. The person in the mirror looked so gaunt to me. When I stepped out of the shower I could make out a few ribs. I thought I looked sick, and after seeing my mother’s weight-loss over the 3 months that she was dying of terminal lung cancer in 2017, it was very very upsetting to see myself looking “guant”.

Now a few months in and still within 5 pounds of the same weight up and down, okay it’s not gone yet. Just last weekend I cringed when complemented at a birthday party. And then I blurted out that I have body dismorphia and said some things that were weird and awkward, ugh.

But today I wore a matchy matchy fitted outfit and I felt good, I felt like I looked “normal” and I was confident at work, not wishing I had a big sweater to hide in.

So I had my husband take this terrible picture to celebrate.🤣

Taking it one day at a time.

(P.S. I actually looks much less “thin” in this photo than I look to myself when I look in the mirror. So maybe taking photos is a better plan going forward than using my mirror.)

Women’s reproductive rights are human rights we should all be concerned about, and doing so doesn’t negate the problems of any other group or gender

Okay so there are a lot of scary things happening in the U.S.A, the anti abortion proponents are revving up in hopes that the current supreme court will uphold whatever strict and crazy thing they manage to wiggle through into their law books.
There are laws that ban abortion starting at as early as 6 weeks, a time when the majority of women would not suspect they are even pregnant. For those who don’t know, periods are not precise, and a few days or weeks late is actually the norm.
There are laws that would make a miscarriage a 2nd-degree murder if you can’t prove that you didn’t do anything to help cause it. Especially problematic considering that 10%-25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, and that a distraught woman suffering from that kind of loss would be prone to blame themself even if they didn’t do anything wrong. Also problematic considering that many things can cause miscarriages and the cause is not always clear, so women will be at the mercy of whatever opinion their doctor happens to have on the root cause.

As these are serious and scary issues there has been a lot of debate and conversation about them, but what I am finding again and again in these conversations, is that certain people, usually men, totally miss the point. They turn around and use the conversation as a platform to say, “men have problems too and women are the cause of most of them.”

Now look, I don’t have anything against men, I believe in equal rights, actual equal rights for actually everyone. So I just wanted to take this moment to say that I really do not understand why a lot of people, not just men, cannot comprehend, that many different problems can exist without being mutually exclusive.
Totally unrelated problems exist for different groups of people at the same time, and these problems can exist, without invaliding the other group’s problems. One group worrying about a problem that affects them, does not nullify another group’s concerns about the problems that they are affected by, especially when the two problems do not intersect.

Women, like me, are concerned about laws actually now on the books in some states. Laws that make the idea of even consensual pregnancy terrifying, let alone if you were to get raped and impregnated against your will.
It’s this extreme situation that is making women draw comparisons to “what if there were laws demanding men risk their bodies in terms of reproduction”, “should we also mandate vasectomies since even birth control methods are currently under attack?” They are drawing the comparison in order to shock men, to try to make them see how crazy things have gotten in a way that they will understand even though they have no uterus.
But this doesn’t mean that we should get into an argument about the success rate of reversing vasectomies, because it’s not really about the vasectomies.
It’s not really about an imaginary world where there’s a small chance that we might start legislating what men do with their own bodies and start mandating surgical procedures.
What it IS about is the very real world that we do currently live in, in which actual legal steps are being taken, and have already been taken, to mandate what women are allowed to do with their bodies and their lives. Women’s health and safety is really, actually, currently, at-risk. No hypothetical nothing involved.

And all of this is totally terrifying for sure, but it doesn’t have anything to do with problems that men face and it doesn’t negate any of the problems that men face.
Men have real problems: female criminals stealing men’s sperm to impregnate themselves against the will of the man who will be asked to pay child support and for whom there is not much in terms of legal recourse, men getting the short end of the stick in divorce court, men being thought of as the breadwinners and being expected to make the majority of the family’s income doing long hours in sometimes dangerous jobs, dangerous jobs that the majority of women aren’t expected to seriously consider as career options, men who’d rather be spending time with their kids than working and being shamed for it, spousal abuse (women can get mad and hit people too just watch one of those housewives shows), toxic masculinity creating a culture where men are afraid to share their feelings and that in turn leading to a high suicide rate for young men, ect. I get it, these are real problems and something needs to be done about it.

BUT when I hear about one of these problems facing men, I don’t respond with
“No, what about me? What about my problems? The Real issue is everyone is out to get my kind for various reasons in various ways.”
Instead I respond with, “oh no, that’s terrible, what can we all, as human beings, do to make this world a better and safer place for everyone”.
And when a woman’s problem comes to the fore I want my concerns to be met with that same level of respect.

Just because we take the time to discuss problems facing one group does not mean that we are signing a declaration that says these are the only “real” problems facing the world and we are giving up the right to complain about anything else. The other problems are still there, and are still valid, and they will still be there when we are done coming up with a solution to this problem.

We are all humans and we are all in this together.
Very scary things are happening in terms of what medical procedures governments are allowed to mandate that we can and cannot choose undergo. Crazy laws, that affect the health and safety of half of the earth’s population and set precedents about bodily autonomy that put all human bodies at risk, are already on the books in one of the most powerful and populous nations on earth. It behooves all of humanity to stand up and say no, and put a stop to this, even if it is only out of concern for our own future self-interests.

“Bad men (and I’ll specifically point out that I mean this to refer to all bad humans not just people who identify as male) need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good [hu]men should look on and do nothing.” – John Stuart Mill

Comic #24: Unattractive – Behind the scenes

So this is my first comic that’s more of an idea based off of a few different things that happened, rather than being based on something that did happen. I just drew two guys who I thought might be kind of typical teenage, or early 20’s guys.

That being said, I drew this on a Thursday while my husband was driving us to Vancouver and the next day on Friday, as we were leaving the Coquitlam IKEA, I saw a real person there who looked just like the second guy I had drawn, but wearing a pink hoodie. He had the same hair and everything. Originally I had drawn him in a T-shirt but then when I saw this guy wearing a pink hoodie I was like, “Well, I guess I’m psychic and drew a real person I hadn’t seen yet, and he wears a pink hoodie, so I’ll have to draw him in a pink hoodie.”

I didn’t get a photo for proof, partly because it all happened so fast, and partly because it would have been really creepy to whip out my phone and take a picture of a total stranger standing 4 feet from me. Even creepier to say “oh my gosh I think I accidently drew you yesterday before ever seeing you, can I take a photo of you and then have you come back to my car to show you my drawing?” But my husband saw the drawing on Thursday and the guy on Friday and agrees that the drawing really looks like the guy. He doesn’t think I’m psychic though, he thinks that my drawings are coming life, apparently that happened in a Ninja Turtle comic and it wasn’t good at all.

Seeing your name in print

The Big Edition is a local street newspaper that low-income and homeless people can buy for 50cents each and then they sell them for $3 a piece. They even have official badges (I’m told eventually T-Shirts) so you know you’re getting the paper 1st hand.

This is the April issue, It’s full of great local content all submitted by cool volunteer contributors like me.

This is what my comic looks like in their latest issue, seeing my work in print is so amazing! I’m geeking out on fandom to myself in the most embarrassing way possible and I want everyone to know about it. (That’s part of why it’s so exceptionally embarrassing).

I’ll be sending them a comic every month for the foreseeable future, until I get so famous that they actually thank me for it.

No, just kidding they are so thankful for any submissions, comics, art, articles, photos, poems, ect. It feels real great to see your work in print people, Real great. So if you live in Kamloops BC or surrounding area why not submit something? You can experience looking as over confident and cocky as you’re imagining I look right now. Ha ha! Gotcha!

Sad Announcement about our beloved Fur-Baby Ryoshiko

So I missed posting last week’s comic because our fur-baby Ryoshiko passed away at 17yrs old.

We’ve been putting various medications and supplements in her food for the last 3 years to keep her Kidney failure from progressing and to treat her thyroid condition. Lately it’d been harder and harder to get her to eat. When the appetite stimulant tablets stopped working, we tried about 15 different cat foods to tempt her to eat again, that worked for a few weeks.

Unfortunately she slowly lost weight and there were no medicines left to try. We spent 3 days with her, helping her to move around, as she’d lost the strength to walk, holding the water dish up to her mouth so she would drink. We had one bright moment when we ordered a chicken pizza and she happily munched away on a few pieces of the chicken, but that was the last thing that we could get her to eat. At the end she hadn’t eaten or drank water for over 18 hours, the toxins were building up in her body, and she couldn’t move more than to lift her head. We had to let her go.

I realized after she was gone that although I have many ideas jotted down for comics featuring her, I haven’t gotten around to making any of them yet. I’ve spent the last little while practicing drawing cats and trying to figure out how to simplify her colouring for the drawings. I plan to space the Ryo comics out, so I don’t run out of them too quickly.


Hey all my website is finally up and running after 4 months of putting it off and being confused whenever I was working on it!

I feel like a certified genius now, although I am obviously not, and there are definitely things that I could do better.

For instance on the comics page, the oldest comic is first and when you scroll all the way down to the bottom you can click a link to get the the next one. But that means that to get to the most recent one, you have to click “next” through all the comics that have come before. Not ideal. If anyone is a website guru I would welcome the help.

In the meanwhile it’s a website, it looks half decent and most importantly it’s up, so I feel good!

The FAQ is super blank right now because no-one has asked any questions! Feel free to drop me a line on the contact page to see your questions on the FAQ page. Any question would be considered a frequent right now. Only is always best. ;D

Thanks for reading

Kassandra McMullen