Comic #24: Unattractive – Behind the scenes

So this is my first comic that’s more of an idea based off of a few different things that happened, rather than being based on something that did happen. I just drew two guys who I thought might be kind of typical teenage, or early 20’s guys.

That being said, I drew this on a Thursday while my husband was driving us to Vancouver and the next day on Friday, as we were leaving the Coquitlam IKEA, I saw a real person there who looked just like the second guy I had drawn, but wearing a pink hoodie. He had the same hair and everything. Originally I had drawn him in a T-shirt but then when I saw this guy wearing a pink hoodie I was like, “Well, I guess I’m psychic and drew a real person I hadn’t seen yet, and he wears a pink hoodie, so I’ll have to draw him in a pink hoodie.”

I didn’t get a photo for proof, partly because it all happened so fast, and partly because it would have been really creepy to whip out my phone and take a picture of a total stranger standing 4 feet from me. Even creepier to say “oh my gosh I think I accidently drew you yesterday before ever seeing you, can I take a photo of you and then have you come back to my car to show you my drawing?” But my husband saw the drawing on Thursday and the guy on Friday and agrees that the drawing really looks like the guy. He doesn’t think I’m psychic though, he thinks that my drawings are coming life, apparently that happened in a Ninja Turtle comic and it wasn’t good at all.