Seeing your name in print

The Big Edition is a local street newspaper that low-income and homeless people can buy for 50cents each and then they sell them for $3 a piece. They even have official badges (I’m told eventually T-Shirts) so you know you’re getting the paper 1st hand.

This is the April issue, It’s full of great local content all submitted by cool volunteer contributors like me.

This is what my comic looks like in their latest issue, seeing my work in print is so amazing! I’m geeking out on fandom to myself in the most embarrassing way possible and I want everyone to know about it. (That’s part of why it’s so exceptionally embarrassing).

I’ll be sending them a comic every month for the foreseeable future, until I get so famous that they actually thank me for it.

No, just kidding they are so thankful for any submissions, comics, art, articles, photos, poems, ect. It feels real great to see your work in print people, Real great. So if you live in Kamloops BC or surrounding area why not submit something? You can experience looking as over confident and cocky as you’re imagining I look right now. Ha ha! Gotcha!