Sad Announcement about our beloved Fur-Baby Ryoshiko

So I missed posting last week’s comic because our fur-baby Ryoshiko passed away at 17yrs old.

We’ve been putting various medications and supplements in her food for the last 3 years to keep her Kidney failure from progressing and to treat her thyroid condition. Lately it’d been harder and harder to get her to eat. When the appetite stimulant tablets stopped working, we tried about 15 different cat foods to tempt her to eat again, that worked for a few weeks.

Unfortunately she slowly lost weight and there were no medicines left to try. We spent 3 days with her, helping her to move around, as she’d lost the strength to walk, holding the water dish up to her mouth so she would drink. We had one bright moment when we ordered a chicken pizza and she happily munched away on a few pieces of the chicken, but that was the last thing that we could get her to eat. At the end she hadn’t eaten or drank water for over 18 hours, the toxins were building up in her body, and she couldn’t move more than to lift her head. We had to let her go.

I realized after she was gone that although I have many ideas jotted down for comics featuring her, I haven’t gotten around to making any of them yet. I’ve spent the last little while practicing drawing cats and trying to figure out how to simplify her colouring for the drawings. I plan to space the Ryo comics out, so I don’t run out of them too quickly.