Hey all my website is finally up and running after 4 months of putting it off and being confused whenever I was working on it!

I feel like a certified genius now, although I am obviously not, and there are definitely things that I could do better.

For instance on the comics page, the oldest comic is first and when you scroll all the way down to the bottom you can click a link to get the the next one. But that means that to get to the most recent one, you have to click “next” through all the comics that have come before. Not ideal. If anyone is a website guru I would welcome the help.

In the meanwhile it’s a website, it looks half decent and most importantly it’s up, so I feel good!

The FAQ is super blank right now because no-one has asked any questions! Feel free to drop me a line on the contact page to see your questions on the FAQ page. Any question would be considered a frequent right now. Only is always best. ;D

Thanks for reading

Kassandra McMullen